Technology behind

Through a carefully calculated refraction with a special glass images appear anywhere free in space, so they float around a real body (e.g. a sales package or a product).

This novel image effect based on the “peppers ghost” principle that, for example is used in automotive industries as head up display.


HOLOCO uses the latest plug and play media technology. Movies (3D animation) stored on an SD card and play by themselves in a permanent loop their advertising message.

HOLOCO thrives by his novel visual effect.

To use them optimally, we use specially produced 3D animations that perfectly match the real product.

This 3D animations are transparent. As a result, objects and content appear free in space.

We can easily integrate your movies and product images and combine them with 3D content.

We offer full service for the content – from the first idea and a meaningful story board to production.

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