POS - HOLOCO [XS], [S], [M] & [L]

HOLOCO has been conceived especially for the application on the Point of sale.

They are highly adaptable, very robust and above all extremely innovative. By his variable  shelf system we can provide a optimum “product facing”.

With HOLOCO we succeed the famous stop & wow effect. They are a visually appealing “sales machines”.



POS HOLOCOs are available in 4 different sizes and with many equipment variants:

  • Shelfes or hocks
  • Wall brackets
  • LED Lighting
  • Side covering
  • Buttons

Visual merchandising

HOLOCO has several fronts for individual use (without anything, with hooks or with shelves).



All HOLOCO have integrated LED profiles for illuminatiing products perfectly. Your real product is perfectly illuminated trough a light channel. Additionally, you can also illuminate your sales products eye-catching. On request, we can integrate LED profiles into the specially prepared shelves.


All HOLOCO have different communication areas which we can make for you as desired:

  • Scanner profiles
  • Digital printing on the front

Facts about the different POS systems

Version Dimensions Size holography Resolution Range of use Minimum order quantity
HOLOCO [XS] W 284mm × H 208mm × D 265mm 10,1 inch 1280 × 800 Shelves 10 pieces
HOLOCO [S] W 341mm × H 240mm × D 300mm 13,3 inch 1920 × 1080 Tego-boards 5 pieces
HOLOCO [M] single W 425mm × H 288mm × D 370mm 15,6 inch 1366 × 768 Secondary display, shelves 3 pieces
HOLOCO [M] complete W 555mm × H 1700mm × D 370mm 15,6 inch 1366 × 768 Chep storing places 3 pieces
HOLOCO [L] W 610mm × H 460mm × D 607mm 23,6 inch 1920 × 1080 Showrooms, preferred positions 1 piece

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