Open letter: Holowar - not with us!

Dear Realfiction-Team and Dreamoc reseller

we would like to thank you for mentioning HOLOCO broadly in your blog and comparing it directly to Dreamoc.

We feel honoured to have the role of a competitor, keeping in mind you are a Global Player with more than ten years of experience.

You do have great products and call yourself the world market leader –in our opinion you range in another segment than we do. HOLOCO was designed for the application at the POS, with the focus on being cost-effective and highly customizable (i.e. product carrier and communication surface).

Therefore we cannot understand your comparison of the products. By the way, some of the points you mentioned in your blog are not quite right: Customizable illumination, anti-theft protection for the products, possible touch and motion sensors, as well as speakers are integrated in our HOLOCO.

We think that the world can handle two good producers with different systems.

Let´s rock and roll the market!

Peacefull greets,

your HOLOCO-Team

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