Visual Effect

In today's world of information and stimuli it is difficult to gain targeted attention. 

With the holographic displays from HOLOCO you will attract the attention of your target group, because we combine the digital with the analogue world in a unique way.

Through a precisely calculated refraction of light using a special glass, HOLOCO 3D content appears freely in space—it floats around a real body (e.g. a product or component).

This fascinating visual experience is based on the “Pepper’s ghost” principle, which is also used in heads-up displays in the automotive industry, for example.

As a full service provider we offer not only the hardware but also the holographic 3D animations—from the idea and a meaningful storyboard to the complete production.


User friendly

All HOLOCO versions work plug & play (24/7) and can be set up within a few minutes. 

Cost savings

You no longer have to invest in complex product placements and explanatory media technology—with us everything is in one system.


Thanks to the well thought-out system construction, we can implement individual customer wishes without costly additional effort.


Our modular system allows all versions to be offered interactively (with buttons), individually or with a stand.

Areas of application

Thanks to the use of the latest media and LED technology, our HOLOCOs also work in bright lighting environments.

Do you have questions?

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